Excursions, trips to the lake and the mountains, visits to museums

What can you do in Valle del Chiese in the summer?

Summer activities

If you love hiking, you’ll find routes to suit all levels: from the trail in the Biotope on the shores of Lake Idro to trekking in Valle di Daone and Val di Fumo, in the Adamello Brenta Geopark, the largest protected area in Trentino.

From Storo you can reach the Church of San Lorenzo above the town and the archaeological site of Bastia, part of the Ledro Alps and Judicaria Biosphere Reserve. In the village of Storo, don’t miss the 19th-century fountains and the Church of San Floriano, with its important Venetian paintings. Book a guided tour to discover the history of Darzo’s mines, from the village’s murals to the former mining site in the mountains.

It’s worth seeing the Rio Caino ethnographic trail in Cimego, which winds through forges, mills, witches’ gardens and pathways from the Great War. You can also walk in the trenches on the path that leads from Condino to the Church of San Lorenzo, with frescoes by Cristoforo and Simone Baschenis dating from 1519.

For a relaxing trip there’s the boat ride on Lake Idro, a mini-cruise which lasts about 2 hours. If you’re into history, visit the Rocca d’Anfo, the largest Napoleonic fortress in Italy. In the upper Valle del Chiese you can see the Austro-Hungarian fortresses Forte Corno and Forte Larino, and the Great War Museum in Bersone. To find out all about energy produced from water, don’t miss the visits to the hydroelectric plants in Cimego and Boazzo.

For culture lovers, Valle del Chiese boasts some exquisite art. From the Castello di San Giovanni in Bondone, among the most beautiful villages in Italy, to the picturesque ruins of Castel Romano in Pieve di Bono, passing through the Pieve di Condino, one of Trentino’s largest sacred buildings, and the Pieve di Santa Giustina in Pieve di Bono, with late Gothic frescoes and a ‘crypt’ with remains from the Carolingian period.